Academic Research

For my course, MSc Digital media: Video, Audio & Social Technologies, one of the modules I am studying requires me to undertake a mini project. I was presented with 11 topics to choose from. Now my background is Audio Production and I would rather involve myself in other fields of the industry, therefore I chose the film-making project supervised by dedicated tutor Dr Marianne Patera  @Maz_Pat. The research question is, ‘Is Stereoscopic 3D the future of film-making?’. This research project is about analysing the view of both supporters and non-supporters of the mentioned question. I should include a brief explanation of the technology involved in Stereo 3D film making and films that have been the milestones from the early stages until today. I should discuss the advantages and disadvantages of stereoscopic viewing and further verified by conducting a survey to gauge the general public’s preferences. I have watched a few 3D movies and have loved them. I do not understand much about the whole process of stereoscopic 3D, so it means I have to start working and finding answers.

Now for me this is a challenge coming from an Audio background. I have started creating a list of sources I think will be necessary for this academic research. Thanks to my Tutor Cristina Costa @cristinacost, i can now save all my bookmarks on Diigo. What a fantastic and neat way of saving all relevant sites and accessing them from any computer. This is so much better, I have got rid of pen and paper 🙂



2 thoughts on “Academic Research

  1. Helen

    Yes, social bookmarking is indeed fantastic! It’s such a great way to share/find resources – and being able to access them from anywhere is also pretty useful (that’s an understatement, of course). I hope you keep us updated re: your project via this blog, it sound really interesting!

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